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General observation

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There is a lot of linguistical material in the web. Whether the author either this software frame will allow to represent all of the linguistic material available nor it is possibile that it is continously updated in a adequate order. This blog will be revisited from time to time .

I'm a Linguist but what means JABBABHASA ?

JABBABHASA means literally the name 'Jabba' and 'language' in Hindi without palatal 's' in bhasa. So it is the exonym of the language of the people to whom belongs this cute boy: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/6/66/JabbatheHuttROTJ.jpg/225px-JabbatheHuttROTJ.jpg

Another name for this language is huttese. For some reason there is some similarity to quechua with huttese. If you are interested in learning huttese and also ewokese click here: http://www.completewermosguide.com/huttese.html

Still under construction

This blog is still under construction. Sorry for any inconvience caused by double links or whatever. If you find dead links, errors or if you have any suggestion please write an email to jabbabhasa and everything will be perfect soon...

JABBABHASA welcomes you

The work of JABBABHASA has started. A collection of online dictionaries and linguistic online tools are collected and presented in this blog.